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Definition: how to transfer a file

Transferring a file from one folder to another is accomplished with the file manager that is part of every operating system (see file manager).

Transferring a file from one application to another depends on the application's format compatibility. Many full-featured applications accept a variety of foreign files. Some word processing and database programs can detect different file types by merely opening the file. Others have to be explicitly told the type of file it is. Click Open and see if different file types can be selected. Also look for Import and Export menus. See import and export.

From One Computer to Another
Computers can be cabled together via USB or Ethernet for file transfer. Programs such as Windows Direct Cable Connection (see DCC) and Laplink, a veteran file transfer product, are examples of utilities for local transfer. For remote transfer, the simplest way is to attach the file via email or use a service (see how to transfer a file over the Internet).