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Definition: ladyphone

Slang for a category of cellphones geared to teenage girls and women who want their devices to have personality and flair. Ladyphones have come in a variety of colors, shapes and decorations. The latest incarnation of ladyphones are the cases rather than the phones themselves. Numerous iPhone and Android cases with jewels, patterns and colors are designed for women.

Android in Plum
In 2011, HTC's Android-based Rhyme included a light attached to a cord that plugs into the headphone jack. It was designed to dangle outside the woman's pocketbook and light up to discreetly notify her when a call or message comes in. (Image courtesy of HTC Corporation, www.htc.com)

Dolce & Gabbana Edition
The Sony Ericsson Jalou, Dolce & Gabbana edition with 24-carat gold plating, was touted as "the" elegant addition to a woman's wardrobe. Introduced in 2009, it included a Web browser, FM radio, GPS, media player, still and video cameras. (Image courtesy of Sony Ericsson Communications AB.)