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Definition: firmware update

Changing the software in a flash memory chip. With personal computers, firmware updates are infrequent but sometimes necessary to recondition older machines. The user can perform such updates, but it can be a tedious job.

On the other hand, consumer products may be designed for periodic firmware updates, and the installation of the revised software should be no more difficult than "click here to update."

Vehicles Too
Cars and trucks are loaded with CPUs and microcontrollers that execute instructions stored in firmware. In the 21st century, along with oil changes and routine maintenance, auto mechanics often download and update firmware. See firmware, flash BIOS and FOTA.

Update Your Blu-ray Player
Firmware is being updated all over the place. As soon as this Blu-ray player was installed, it prompted the user for a firmware update, which took place over a Wi-Fi connection and TV set.

A Big Apple
The progress bar shows the Apple TV's firmware being updated. The Apple TV media hub streams content to this 50" plasma TV. See Apple TV.