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Definition: filter bubble

Customized results from search engines and social media that are geared to the individual based on that person's past preferences. A filter bubble means two people searching for the same thing receive different results. Proponents say this delivers a better user experience, while opponents claim the information is always slanted and does not provide a sufficient variety of opinions.

Polarizing the Country
With regard to politics, filter bubbles most assuredly continue to divide America, as people's opinions are reinforced on a daily basis. In addition to the online world, it seems there are hardly any radio stations or TV channels that report both sides of a story with equal intensity. Magazines and newspapers are also typically slanted. One exception is "The Week" magazine, which is noted for publishing both sides of a story. See filter.

The Filter Bubble
Eli Pariser coined the term. In his 2011 book, he cited an earlier Google announcement that it would start using some 57 signals to determine the results it reports to users.