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Definition: feed drive

An optical drive that grabs the disc after it is partially inserted in the slot and pulls it onto the drive spindle. Also called a "slot drive" or "slot loading drive," all automobile CD/DVD players as well as the optical drives in Mac computers, flat panel all-in-ones and flat panel TV/DVD combos are feed drives.

Mini CDs/DVDs May Need Adapters
Although some work, many feed drives do not tolerate the smaller 80mm mini CDs and DVDs. However, the 80mm discs can be snapped into a 80-120mm adapter and then inserted into the slot. Contrast with tray drive and caddy drive. See custom-cut CD.

Apple's G4 Cube
In 2000, Apple was the first to use a feed drive in a computer. Feed drives are more convenient than tray drives, which have to be opened before the disc can be inserted. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)