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Definition: extension F

File extensions that begin with F.

 Ext.  Type of file

 FAX   Various fax formats

 FDX   Force index

 FH3   Freehand 3

 FLA   Flash source
 FLC   Autodesk animation
 FLD   Hijaak thumbnail folder
 FLI   Autodesk animation
 FLT   Graphics conversion filter
 FLV   Flash video

 FMT   dBASE Screen format
 FMV   FrameMaker raster/vector graphics

 FNT   Windows font

 FO    XSL-FO document
 FOG   Fontographer font
 FON   Windows bitmapped font
 FON   Telephone
 FOR   FORTRAN source code
 FOT   Windows TrueType font info.
 FOX   FoxBase compiled program

 FM3   Format info for 1-2-3 Version 3

 FP1   Flying Pigs for Windows data
 FPX   FlashPix bitmap

 FRM   dBASE report layout

 FTG   Windows help file links
 FTS   Windows help text search index

 FX    CgFX 3D graphics rendering