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Definition: extension D

File extensions that begin with D.

 Ext.  Type of file

 DAT   Data
 DAT   WordPerfect merge data

 DB    DNS zone file
 DB    Paradox table
 DBF   dBASE database
 DBS   DeBabilizer script
 DBT   dBASE text
 DBX   DATABEAM bitmap

 DCA   IBM text
 DCM   DICOM medical image
 DCR   Shockwave movie
 DCS   Color separated EPS format
 DCT   Dictionary
 DCX   Intel fax image

 DEB   Debian Linux file
 DEF   Definition
 DES   Corel DESIGNER vector graphics
 DEX   Dalvik executable file

 DFF   DSD download without meta-data

 DG    Autotrol vector graphics
 DGN   Intergraph vector graphics

 DIB   Windows DIB bitmap
 DIC   Dictionary
 DIF   Spreadsheet
 DIR   Shockwave source

 DJV   Deja Vu document
 DJVU  Deja Vu document

 DLG   Dialogue script
 DLL   Dynamic link library
 DL_   Compressed DLL

 DMG   Mac disk image

 DNG   Digital Negative (RAW)
 DNL   DNL Reader e-book

 DOC   Document (Word and others)
 DOCM  OpenXML Word with macro
 DOCX  OpenXML Word
 DOT   Word template
 DOTM  OpenXML Word template & macro
 DOTX  OpenXML Word template
 DOX   MultiMate V4.0 document

 DPI   Pointline bitmap

 DRV   Driver
 DRW   Designer 2.x, 3.x vector graphics

 DS    TWAIN data source
 DS4   Designer 4.x vector graphics
 DSF   Designer 6.x, 7.x vector graphics
 DSF   DSD download with meta-data
 DST   Micrografx template

 DTP   Desktop publishing file

 DVI   TeX output (Device Independent)

 DWF   Design Web Format (3D CAD viewer)
 DWG   AutoCAD vector format

 DX    Autotrol document imaging
 DXF   AutoCAD vector format