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Definition: extension C

File extensions that begin with C.

 Ext.  Type of file

 C     C source code

 CAB   Microsoft compressed format
 CAG   Clip art gallery (compressed)
 CAL   Windows calendar
 CAL   SuperCalc spreadsheet
 CAL   CALS raster and vector formats
 CAM   Casio camera raster format
 CAP   Ventura Pub. captions
 CAL   CALS raster and vector formats

 CBT   Microsoft computer-based training

 CCB   Visual Basic animated button
 CCH   Corel Chart
 CCJ   Crossword compiler Java

 CDA   CD audio track
 CDC   Nero CD cover
 CDF   Common data format (scientific)
 CDF   Virtual worlds
 CDR   CorelDRAW vector graphics
 CDT   CorelDRAW template
 CDT   CD Text
 CDT   Corel DESIGNER template
 CDX   CorelDRAW compressed drawing
 CDX   FoxPro and Clipper index

 CE    Computer Eyes scanner raster format

 CFG   Configuration
 CFM   Cold Fusion

 CGM   CGM vector graphics

 CH3   Harvard Graphics chart
 CHM   Compiled HTML
 CHP   Ventura Pub. chapter
 CHK   DOS/Windows corrupted (Chkdsk)

 CIF   Ventura Pub. chapter info.
 CIT   Intergraph scanned image

 CK?   iD/Apogee Commander Keen ?

 CLC   Compressed BMP
 CLP   Windows clipboard
 CLS   Visual Basic class module
 CLW   Compressed WMF (CDE)

 CMD   DOS/Windows command (batch) file
 CMF   Corel metafile
 CMF   Creative Music Format (MIDI-like)
 CMP   LEAD Technologies bitmap
 CMP   RichLink composed format
 CMX   Corel Presentation Exchange
 CMV   Corel Presentation Exchange

 CNT   Windows help contents

 COB   COBOL source code
 COB   Truespace 3D
 COM   DOS/Windows executable under 64K

 CP    Unix archive (from CPIO)
 CPD   Fax cover document
 CPE   Fax cover document
 CPI   DOS code page
 CPL   Windows control panel applets
 CPL   Corel color palette
 CPP   C++ source code
 CPR   Knowledge Access bitmap
 CPR   Corel Presents presentation
 CPT   Corel Photopaint image
 CPT   Mac Compactor archive
 CPX   Corel Presentation Exchange

 CRD   Cardfile
 CRDOWNLOAD  Chrome download (in process)
 CRP   Corel Presents runtime presentation

 CS    C# source code
 CSC   Corel script
 CSF   Corel symbol library
 CSS   Cascading style sheet
 CSV   Comma separated values

 CT    Scitex CT bitmap
 CTL   Misc control and configuration

 CUR   Cursor
 CUT   Dr. Halo bitmap

 CV5   Canvas 5 vector/bitmap