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Definition: private cloud

Deploying cloud computing internally. Rather than running Web-based and rich client applications over the Internet (the public cloud), a private cloud employs cloud computing within a company's own local or wide area networks. The term implies that the same virtualization and highly flexible and scalable methods used in huge Internet-based datacenters are also used in the private clouds in the enterprise.

Private Clouds vs. Local Networks
Any applications running within the local network are essentially running in a private cloud. The term "cloud" is a synonym for "network." See cloud.

Private Clouds vs. Intranets
Although the term "intranet" is not widely used today, it too is a private cloud. The only difference is that the intranet is an internal Web server, whereas a private cloud may encompass any type of software, not just browser-based applications. See intranet, cloud computing and personal cloud.