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Definition: edition

A specific publication of software or a product. Each revision of a book is called an edition, thus, an edition typically refers to its content. With regard to software, there may be a "free edition" that offers a limited number of functions, while the "paid edition" provides the most. There can be several editions of software. For example, Google's G Suite of applications is available in Basic, Education, Business, Essentials and Enterprise editions, each offering more features.

Edition--> Version
The terms edition and "version" are used synonymously; however, a version generally refers to an update of a product. For example, version 6 of the Home Edition of an application means that the software has been modified five more times since its inception.

Edition--> Version--> Release
An edition is the top of the hierarchy, and it may have many versions. A version is sometimes called a release; for example, Release 8.5 could be the same as Version 8.5. To add more confusion, there can be a version with subsequent releases; for example, a particular edition of the application could be available as Version 11, Release 4.


    Edition (or version)

      Version (or release)