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Definition: widget

(1) An icon-based user interface such as found on smartphones and tablets. See widget-based interface.

(2) Elements in a graphical user interface (GUI). See widget set.

(3) A mini app that displays a small amount of information on screen at all times and interacts with the user. Search box, clock, weather, calculator and stock market widgets are typical examples. The widget may be waiting for input from the user, such as a search box, or be "live" and actively display changes like the weather and stock market. In the Windows world, a widget is a gadget. See widget-based interface.

Widgets Forever
For decades, a widget has been a popular English word for a placeholder name when the actual object is not known or not important, and it may be used with other fictitious names, such as "10 widgets and 5 frabbits."

Mac Dashboard Widgets
These thesaurus, weather, language translator, stock market quotes, converter, calculator and notepad are examples of widgets on the Mac (see Mac Dashboard).

Android Widgets
Tapping the weather widget (top) takes the user to more details in the app. The color in the Active Applications widget turns red when CPU resources are heavily taxed, and the Google widget provides a quick way to search without having to go to the Google app.