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Definition: datacenter in a box

A complete server operation in a single product. A datacenter in a box provides a "platform as a service" (PaaS) rolled up into one package. It includes all necessary CPU, storage, networking and system software (OS, databases, etc.) fully installed and ready to go. In nearly all cases, a datacenter in a box offers a virtualized server environment, which enables workloads to be added, duplicated and deleted in real time. See virtualization and PaaS.

Cloud in a Box
A "cloud in a box" is a datacenter in a box that lets users or customers interact with cloud computing resources (see cloud computing). See datacenter container, intercloud and in a box.

A Cloud in a Box
VCE's Vblocks offer virtualized servers with optional cloud computing management. VCE touts Vblocks as "converged infrastructure" products, integrating components from Cisco, EMC and VMware. (Image courtesy of VCE, www.vce.com)