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Definition: hash rate

The number of cryptographic hashes per second (H/s) processed for blockchain mining. A hash rate may refer to computations in a GPU within a computer, an ASIC mining machine or an entire mining network.

For Example: Twenty Exahashes per Second
CleanSpark is one of the top publicly traded North American Bitcoin miners. In January 2022, its hashrate exceeded 2 EH/s. That means the company is rewarded with about 10 bitcoins per day as the combined computations of all its mining machines reached more than two quintillion hashes per second. Later in the year, CleanSpark announced that it was expanding its mining operation with more machines that would eventually reach 20 EH/s, which is 20 quintillion hashes per second. See cryptographic hash function, ASIC miner and space/time.

 Hashes Per Second

 KH/s  Khash/s  Kilo (thousand)

 MH/s  Mhash/s  Mega (million)

 GH/s  Ghash/s  Giga (billion)

 TH/s  Thash/s  Tera (trillion)

 PH/s  Phash/s  Peta (quadrillion)

 EH/s  Ehash/s  Exa  (quintillion)