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Definition: conversion

(1) See conversion filter, image filter and conversion rate.

(2) "Data conversion" changes data from one file or database format to another (see export and import). When dealing with mainframes, data conversion may also require code conversion (see ASCII and EBCDIC). See data conversion.

(3) "Graphics conversion" changes the data from one graphics file format to another. It may also require a change in architecture from vector to bitmap and vice versa. See graphics conversion.

(4) "Media conversion" changes the storage media such as from a hard disk to an optical disc. Media conversion may also refer to converting from analog to digital media (see digital converter).

(5) "Program conversion" changes the source code from one programming language to another or from one operating system platform to another.

(6) "Computer system conversion" changes the computer model and peripheral devices.

(7) "Information system conversion" requires data conversion and either program conversion or the installation of newly purchased or created application programs.