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Definition: cellular services

Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile operate the major cellular networks in the United States. All the other carriers, known as "mobile virtual network operators" (MVNOs) ride over one of their backbones; for example, Comcast's Xfinity Mobile uses the Verizon network, and Google Fi uses T-Mobile. Following are the cellular services in the U.S. as of February 2022 and the networks they use. See MVNO.

 A=AT&T   T=T-Mobile   V=Verizon

 Network   Carrier (MVNO)

  T   Access Wireless
  V   Affinity Cellular
  A   Airvoice Wireless
  A   Alivoi Wireless
  T   My AF Mobile (armed forces)
  T   Assist Wireless
  T   Assurance Wireless
  ATV Best Cellular
  A   Black Wireless
  TV  boom! MOBILE
  T   Boost Mobile
  ATV Cell Nuvo
  AT  Consumer Cellular
  V   CREDO Mobile
  A   Cricket Wireless
  A   easyGO Wireless
  TV  EcoMobile
  AT  EXTREMEConnect.me
  V   enTouch Wireless
  A   Feelsafe Wireless
  V   Flash Wireless
  A   FreedomPop
  A   FreeUP Mobile
  T   Gen Mobile
  A   Good2Go Mobile
  T   Google Fi
  T   GoSmart Mobile
  A   h2o Wireless
  T   Hello Mobile
  T   Jethro Mobile
  A   Jolt Mobile
  T   Kroger Wireless
  T   Kynect
  T   Liberty Wireless
  T   Lycamobile
  T   Madstar Mobile
  T   Mint Mobile
  ATV Net10 Wireless
  T   Optimum Mobile
  V   Page Plus Cellular
  T   Patriot Mobile
  ATV Pix Wireless
  ATV Pulse Cellular
  TV  Puppy Wireless
  A   Pure TalkUSA
  T   Q Link Wireless
  AV  Reach Mobile
  ATV Red Pocket Mobile
  T   Republic Wireless
  T   Seawolf Wireless
  V   Selectel Wireless
  T   Simple Mobile
  V   Spectrum Mobile
  T   Speedtalk Mobile
  T   StandUp Wireless
  ATV Straight Talk
  TV  TAG Mobile
  T   Telcel America
  T   Tello Mobile
  T   TerraCom Wireless
  T   TextNow
  TV  Ting
  V   Total Wireless
  VTV Tracfone
  V   Twigby
  T   Ultra Mobile
  A   Unreal Mobile
  TV  US Mobile
  V   Visible
  T   Walmart Family Mobile
  AT  Wing
  V   Xfinity Mobile