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Definition: space/time

The following units of measure are used to define digital capacities and speeds. For measurements of a meter, see metric system. See binary values, NIST binary and long scale.

 *********** S P A C E ***********

 Bits or Bytes        Power of 10:

 Kilo  (K)  Thousand       3
 Mega  (M)  Million        6
 Giga  (G)  Billion        9
 Tera  (T)  Trillion      12


 Peta  (P)  Quadrillion   15
 Exa   (E)  Quintillion   18
 Zetta (Z)  Sextillion    21
 Yotta (Y)  Septillion    24
 Bronto     Octillion     27
 Geop       Nonillion     30

 Storage Capacity Measured in:

 CPU word size        bits

 Disk/SSD/USB drive   bytes
 Memory (RAM)         bytes

 ************  T I M E  ***********

 Fractions of
  One Second            Power of 10:

 Millisecond (ms) Thousandth     -3
 Microsecond (µs) Millionth      -6
 Nanosecond  (ns) Billionth      -9
 Picosecond  (ps) Trillionth    -12
 Femtosecond (fs) Quadrillionth -15
 Attosecond  (as) Quintillionth -18
 Zeptosecond (zs) Sextillionth  -21
 Yoctosecond (ys) Septillionth  -24

 Transmit/Transfer Measured in:

 Cellular data           total bytes

 Parallel bus/channel    bytes/sec
 Disk/solid state drive  bytes/sec
 Memory (RAM)            bytes/sec
 PCI Express bus         bytes/sec

 USB                     bits/sec
 Network/communications  bits/sec

 Disk access time        ms
 SSD access time         µs
 RAM access time         ns
 Machine cycle           µs, ns
 Instruction execution   µs, ns
 Transistor switching    ns, ps, fs

 CPU Speed - Clock Cycles Per Second
 1 cycle/sec = 1 Hertz    See Hertz.

 kilohertz (kHz) thousand
 megahertz (MHz) million
 gigahertz (GHz) billion