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Definition: beep codes

Some number of short beeps that are sounded by the BIOS upon startup when a memory, cache or processor error is encountered. There are numerous beep code patterns, and Phoenix BIOS codes are long and short beeps delivered in groups. The following beep codes are for AMI BIOSs. There are additional beep codes for this BIOS not included here. See BIOS and POST card.

1 Beep - Refresh Failure
Reseat/replace memory, troubleshoot motherboard.

2 Beeps - Parity Error
Reseat/replace memory, troubleshoot motherboard.

3 Beeps - Memory Error (first 64KB)
Reseat/replace memory.

4 Beeps - Timer Failure
Troubleshoot motherboard.

5 Beeps - Processor Failure
Troubleshoot CPU, motherboard.

6 Beeps - Keyboard Controller Failure
Troubleshoot keyboard, motherboard.

7 Beeps - Virtual Mode Exception Error
Troubleshoot CPU, motherboard.

8 Beeps - Display Memory Failure
Trouleshoot graphics card, motherboard.

9 Beeps - ROM BIOS Checksum Failure
Replace ROM BIOS, troubleshoot motherboard.

10 Beeps - CMOS Shutdown Register Failure
Troubleshoot motherboard.

11 Beeps - L2 Cache Failure
Troubleshoot L2 cache, motherboard.

Continuous Beeps - Memory or Video Failure
Troubleshoot memory, graphics card, motherboard.