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Definition: bloatware

(1) Applications that are overloaded with features. See software bloat and wares.

(2) Extra applications pre-installed on a Windows computer. Quite often in the past, PC manufacturers have been paid by software vendors to pre-install lite versions of their products on the machines they sell. In addition, some of these applications load at startup, wasting RAM and providing a potential for conflict with other programs. For a fee, some retailers have offered to rid the new PC of bloatware for customers.

Android Mobiles Too
Like Windows, Android devices also suffer from bloatware, especially from the carriers. In some cases, as many as four different music players have been pre-installed on a device. See wares.

MAINGEAR PCs are "Clean"
Prominently displayed on MAINGEAR's website, this high-performance PC vendor builds PCs with only the software the user asked for. For more information, visit www.maingear.com.