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Definition: animated GIF

A moving picture in GIF format, which comprises a series of frames. When displayed, they provide an animated sequence that cycles over and over without stopping. Although popular on the Web, animated GIFs are larger than single-frame GIFs and take longer to download. Typically used for ad banners, the animation is usually confined to small areas of the image to keep the file size short.

Flash, Then HTML5
More sophisticated than animated GIFs, Adobe's Flash was popular on the Web for many years for animations of all kind. In addition, Flash's vector format takes up much less space than GIF's bitmapped images (see graphics). Today, however, Flash is slowly becoming history as HTML5 has built-in support for animations and videos. See GIF, Flash, HTML5, WebP and animate a photo.

GIF Animator
Ulead's GIF Animator was used to compose this animation. First created in an image editor, the five frames were inserted in sequence into the program, and frames 1 through 4 were given a 1/4 second delay.