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Definition: Xfinity

TV, Internet, voice, security and cellular services from Comcast, Philadelphia, PA, http://corporate.comcast.com. Branded Xfinity in 2010, for decades Comcast was known for its cable TV service, which began in 1963 as American Cable Systems. Because the same coaxial cable that brought TV into the home and office is also used for Internet access, Xfinity became the largest ISP in the U.S.

Also part of Comcast are NBC and Telemundo TV, as well as cable channels MSNBC, CNBC, USA Network, NBCSN and E!; however, they are not associated with the Xfinity brand.

Xfinity Services
X1 is the current Xfinity cable TV platform and interface, and Xfi is Comcast's mesh Wi-Fi service, which distributes a hotspot throughout the home or office. Xfinity voice offers landline telephone service to the analog phones in the house by converting the digital signal to analog. Xfinity Home provides in-home security monitoring, and Xfinity Mobile is cellular service.

Xfinity Mobile
In 2018, Comcast introduced its cellular service as a bonus to Xfinity customers. Riding on the Verizon network, Xfinity Mobile charges customers per gigabyte of cellular data but does not charge a fee per phone line as do all other cellular providers. In addition, Xfinity Mobile customers automatically connect to the millions of Xfinity hotspots in public venues as well as in homes with Xfinity routers that have the default guest access turned on. See Xfinity hotspot.