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Definition: XL Adding shapes

Excel offers a variety of arrows, boxes, flowchart symbols and other shapes to customize a worksheet. To add a shape, select Insert/Shape and choose one, then click and drag the mouse within the worksheet. To make perfect circles and squares, hold down the Shift key while dragging. To change size, drag the tiny squares ("handles") on the image.

Clip Art
Excel includes a variety of clip art to enhance your presentation. Select Insert/Clip Art and either double click the object or drag it into the worksheet.

Selecting Shapes and Clip Art
Select Insert/Shapes or Insert/Clip Art to display the symbols. On older versions of Excel, click the Drawing button (bottom).

Editing the Graphic
Select the graphic and the Format menu to adjust border weight, colors and add special effects. To add text, select the shape and start typing. Type into the box and press Escape to save it.