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Definition: Windows 7 ESU

(Windows 7 Extended Security Updates) Security updates for Windows 7. Windows 7 was given end-of-life in January 2020, but Windows 7 ESU can extend security updates for up to three years. Initially intended for large corporations that have relationships with Microsoft or Microsoft partners, the program was extended to small businesses. However, for mom and pop shops that do not have these affiliations, the process is exceedingly difficult to navigate if not downright impossible. See Windows 7.

Why Stay With Windows 7?
Because Windows 7 is a stable operating system without all the extras of Windows 10. Like all software they use for a long time, people have become familiar with Windows 7 and are loathe to change. In addition, although Windows 10 is technically more stable, for most people, updating to Windows 10 does not give them any advantages in their day-to-day work. Microsoft benefits the most by eliminating Windows 7, because it no longer has to support multiple versions of its OS.