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Definition: Windows 10 S

A version of Windows 10 that runs apps that are downloaded and installed from the online Windows Store. Microsoft has not divulged the meaning of "S," but "Secure" has been suggested because users cannot install programs from a CD/DVD, USB drive or their network. "Speed," "Streamlined," "Student" and "School" have also been inferred, and all are applicable. Like all Windows 10 versions, OneDrive cloud storage is included. Windows 10 S makes Edge the default Web browser, and schools can provision Windows 10 S machines from a USB drive.

A Chromebook Competitor
Introduced in 2017 on Microsoft's Surface Laptop, Windows 10 S was designed to compete with Chromebooks, which are also Internet based and have very similar functionality. As of 2019, companies such as HP, Dell, Asus and Acer have debuted laptops with Windows 10 S. See Surface Laptop and Chromebook.