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Definition: Win Change Windows appearance

The desktop background, general appearance of application windows and screen resolution can be customized by the user. The control panels that provide this personalization are available in all versions of Windows by right clicking any unused part of the desktop and clicking Personalize (Win7, 8.1 and 10) or Properties (XP). Following are the attributes that can be changed.

Screen Resolution
When a new monitor is connected to the computer, this setting may have to change to accommodate the new screen. For presentations with a data projector, it may have to be temporarily changed to a different resolution.

Screen Saver
Essential when CRT monitors were the norm but today is mostly entertainment; however, it also hides sensitive data on screen when away from the desk. A great screen saver is the slide show option that cycles through a folder of favorite photos.

Desktop Background
Users can display one of several standard backgrounds, called "wallpaper" in the early days, or choose their own image as a background.

A predefined selection of background, screen saver, colors and sounds that can be selected all at once.

Personalize Your Desktop
When grandma uses her computer, she is reminded of the great game her grandson played that day.