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Definition: Win Sharing files

All Windows machines can be set up to share their files with other users on the network. You can make the entire hard disk sharable or you can select specific folders. To make a drive or folder sharable, do the following:

 Share a Drive (Win 7 and 10)
 1. Launch Explorer.
 2. Right click the drive icon.
 3. Click Share with Advanced Sharing.
 4. Click Advanced Sharing.
 5. Check Share this folder.
 6. To allow others to make changes,
      select Permissions.

 Share a Folder (Win 7 and 10)
 1. Launch Explorer.
 2. Right click the folder icon.
 3. Click Share with Specific People.
 4. Click the down arrow to the right of the
      blank field.
 5. Select Guest and then Add.
 6. To allow others to make changes,
     click Read and select Read/Write.

Sharing Symbols
When drives and folders are shared, Windows modifies their icons. WinXP added a serving hand, but subsequent versions show the bodies of two people. Both symbols are barely discernible in the normal Explorer view (top).

Can't Share Files with Others?

If you are connected to the network but cannot make your folder or disk sharable, chances are File and Print Sharing were never turned on in your computer. To turn it on, do the following.

 Turn on File & Printer Sharing (Win 7 and 10)
 1. Start menu/Control Panel.
 2. Select Network and Sharing Center.
 3. Select Change advanced sharing settings.
 4. Check Turn on network discovery.
 5. Check Turn on file and printer sharing.