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Definition: Wi-Fi Direct

An extension to the Wi-Fi standard that allows two Wi-Fi devices to communicate with each other directly without requiring an access point or computer in between. Wi-Fi Direct was introduced in 2009 by the Wi-Fi Alliance as a personal area network (PAN) similar to the way Bluetooth is used; however, Wi-Fi is considerably faster.

Activate a Wireless Device
If a new device's only connectivity is Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi Direct method provides a way to make initial contact, typically from a mobile app. Once that connection is established, the user can reset the device's Wi-Fi to the local Wi-Fi, which is the access point in the home or building. See Android Beam, Wi-Fi, access point and personal area network.

Set Up a Brand New Camera
Wi-Fi Direct is used to make initial contact so that the device can be configured for the local Wi-Fi network. The "WiFi DIRECT" label is printed on a removable, clear plastic overlay.