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Definition: Windows Connect Now

Software from Microsoft that makes it easy to configure network devices as well as add new devices to a secure Wi-Fi network. Part of the Windows Rally family and starting with Windows XP, there are three configuration methods. Windows Connect Now (WCN) is the Microsoft counterpart to Wi-Fi Protected Setup. See Wi-Fi Protected Setup and Windows Rally.

WCN-UFD (USB Flash Drive)
Starting with Windows XP, wireless settings can be transferred to devices such as printers and laptops by using the computer to write the settings to a USB flash drive (UFD) and manually transporting it to the device. See sneakernet.

WCN-NET (Network Transfer)
Starting with Vista, WCN-NET is used to configure access points and routers via wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), WCN-enabled access points and routers are required. See UPnP.

WCN-MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)
Starting with Vista, WCN-MTP is used to transfer audio and video files between portable media devices and the network. MTP is part of the Picture Transfer Protocol (see PictBridge).