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Definition: VUDU

An Internet-based video-on-demand service founded in 2004 from VUDU, Inc. (www.vudu.com). Movies are streamed to the TV through a VUDU box, which contains a hard drive and Ethernet port, or via a VUDU-enabled HDTV. In 2010, VUDU was acquired by Walmart.

Stream or Download
If the user's Internet connection is at least 2 Mbps, standard-definition (SD) movies can be streamed directly from VUDU. High-definition (HD) requires 4 Mbps. For slower connections, the movies have to be downloaded to the VUDU box and then played. VUDU also offers its own HDX 1080p/24 format, which is equivalent to Blu-ray and the highest resolution for home viewing. However, HDX movies cannot be streamed and may take several hours to download. See Netflix, Hulu and 1080p/24.