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Definition: Terabit Ethernet

Ethernet transmission at one trillion bits per second (1 Tbps). True Terabit Ethernet is a future technology; however, in the meantime, Terabit Ethernet generally refers to Ethernet above 100 Gbps.

200 and 400 Gigabit Ethernet
The IEEE 802.3bs task force has defined 200 Gigabit (200GBASE) and 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400GBASE), which are being deployed by carriers and large enterprises in the 2020s.

800 Gigabit Ethernet
In 2020, an 800 GbE standard (800GBASE-R) was formalized by the Ethernet Technology Consortium (ETC); however, 400 GbE is still in the first stages of rollout. See 800GBASE-R, 100 Gigabit Ethernet and Ethernet.

   in                             No. of
 Meters  Fiber Mode  Designation  Fibers

          200 GbE
  500    Singlemode  200GBASE-DR4    4
  2 km   Singlemode  200GBASE-FR4    4
  10 km  Singlemode  200GBASE-LR4    4

          400 GbE
  100    Multimode   400GBASE-SR16  16
  500    Singlemode  400GBASE-DR4    4
  2 km   Singlemode  400GBASE-FR8    8
  10 km  Singlemode  400GBASE-LR8    8