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Definition: TPM 2.0 bypass

An addition to the Windows Registry that allows Windows 11 to run on a machine that is not compliant with TPM 2.0 (Version 2.0 of the Trusted Platform Module). Although Microsoft has published this patch, it does not recommend it, claiming future versions of Windows 11 might cause problems, and future updates may have to be installed manually.

To Make an Older PC Run Windows 11
An entry has to be created in the Windows Registry by doing the following very precisely, or the OS may not run after rebooting. See TPM, Registry and Windows 11.

   1. Click Start
   2. Type regedit (to open the Registry editor)

   In the Registry Key:

   3. Right click an empty area
   4. Select New
   5. Select DWORD
   6. Type in the following text and press Enter


   7. Enter a value of 1