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Definition: TOPS

(1) (Tera Operations Per Second) TOPS is a measurement of the overall performance of an SoC (complete system on one chip). The term may also mean "total OPS" or "theoretical OPS." See SoC and teraFLOPS.

(2) An early family of operating systems from Digital Equipment that ran on the PDP-6, DECsystem 10 and DECsystem 20. TOPS was later renamed TOPS-10, and TOPS-20 was a new OS based on TENEX, developed at Digital and BBN. TOPS-20 added virtual memory, an advanced feature for the mid-1970s.

(3) (Transparent OPerating System) An early peer-to-peer LAN from Sitka Corporation, Alameda, CA, that used the LocalTalk access method. TOPS connected Apple computers, PCs and Sun workstations. The TOPS Flashcard added LocalTalk to PCs.