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Definition: Type 1 font

The most widely used type of PostScript font. In Windows, each font is composed of a .PFB and .PFM file, which are stored in the \PSFONTS and \PSFONTS\PFM folders. Sometimes, \PSFONTS is in the \WINDOWS folder (\WINDOWS\PSFONTS). Beginning with Windows 95/98, Adobe Type Manager lets you view the file names under the Properties of each font. For example, the following files make up the Garamond typeface. See PostScript fonts and PostScript.

 \psfonts\gdrg____.pfb      normal

 \psfonts\gdi_____.pfb      italic

 \psfonts\gdsb____.pfb      bold

 \psfonts\gdsbi___.pfb      bold italic

 \psfonts\pfm\gdrg____.pfm  normal

 \psfonts\pfm\gdi_____.pfm  italic

 \psfonts\pfm\gdsb____.pfm  bold

 \psfonts\pfm\gdsbi___.pfm  bold italic