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Definition: Superhuman

A paid email program targeted to Gmail users who spend considerable time dealing with mail every day. Superhuman enhances the day-to-day experience for customers, who are willing to pay USD $30 per month on top of their already-fee-based G Suite Gmail or incur the $30 if they use regular, free Gmail. In the beta stage, invitees must answer a survey appropriately and then speak to a Superhuman representative for a thorough training session. Available for desktop and mobile devices, Superhuman was invented by Rahul Vohra, who worked on a LinkedIn product known as Rapportive that added social network contacts to Gmail. See Gmail and G Suite.

Superhuman Features
Superhuman moves all messages to the user's machine for quick retrieval. Along with the newer features in today's email such as undo send and follow-up reminders, Superhuman tracks when messages are opened by the recipient, and it can retrieve a contact's LinkedIn profile. When a date is typed, a calendar can be pulled up, and key commands function like macros that, for example, enter a canned reply or unsubscribe from a website. The names of labels (virtual folders) can be organized by the user instead of listed alphabetically on a sidebar. See Gmail labels.