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Definition: Sprint

(1) A Scrum software project time frame. See Scrum.

(2) (Sprint Nextel Corporation, Overland Park, KS, www.sprint.com) The third largest cellular provider in the U.S., following Verizon Wireless and AT&T. Sprint dates back to the Brown Telephone Company, a local telco founded in Abilene, Kansas in 1898 by Cleyson Brown and Carlos Florendo, Jr. The Sprint name came from the Intelligent Network of Telecommunications (INT) that was created from the Southern Pacific Railroad's (SPR) microwave network that ran along its railroad tracks.

In the 1980s, GTE acquired Sprint and later merged it with United Telecom, the successor to Brown Telephone, creating U.S. Sprint. In 2005, Sprint acquired Nextel, a push-to-talk network. See CDMA and Nextel.