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Definition: Set

(1) For the crypto index fund protocol, see Set protocol.

(2) An internal DOS/Windows command that sets environment variables, which are stored values used by the operating system and many applications. To display the current values, type:

The set command creates an environment variable and places a value into it. Blank spaces matter. The following examples create NEWVAR with a value of "a."
  set newvar=a   create newvar with "a"
  set newvar= a  create newvar with " a"

  set newvar=    delete newvar

(2) (SET) (Secure Electronic Transaction) A standard protocol from MasterCard and Visa for securing online credit card payments via the Internet. In this three-way transaction, the user, merchant and bank must use the SET protocols.

Credit card data and a digital certificate (for authentication) is stored in a plug-in to the user's Web browser. The order is received by a SET-enabled merchant server that passes encrypted payment information to the bank. Approval is electronically sent to the merchant.