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Definition: SSA

(1) (Solid State Array) A group of solid state drives (SSDs) built into a single unit, which may be configured as a RAID system (see RAID). Also called a "drive array" or "storage array," SSAs are widely used in datacenters. See disk array and JBOD.

(2) (Serial Storage Architecture) An earlier fault tolerant storage interface from IBM that supported up to 128 disk drives. Introduced in 1990, SSA used SCSI commands, allowing existing software to command the drives. Based on a ring architecture, if one drive failed, the others would keep running. SSA spanned 25 meters over copper and 2.4 km over fiber. Designed as a Fibre Channel alternative, SSA was not widely used. See SAS and SCSI.

(3) (Social Security Act) See healthcare IT.