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Definition: spec

(1) See specs and specification.

(2) (SPEC) (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, Warrenton, VA, www.specbench.org) An organization founded in 1988 to establish standard benchmarks for computers. Its first benchmark was a single CPU rating known as the "SPECmark," in which one SPECmark was equivalent in performance to a VAX 11/780. Although SPEC benchmarks continue to rate CPUs, SPEC has a variety of benchmarks to measure graphics subsystems, Java, Web servers, mail servers, application servers and file servers. Following are the SPEC names for current and retired CPU benchmarks. See benchmark.


  Current         Integer    Point

  SPEC CPU2006    CINT2006   CFP2006


  SPEC CPU2000    CINT2000   CFP2000
  SPEC CPU95      SPECint95  SPECfp95