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Tegra-based Android devices from NVIDIA, comprising the SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Tablet, introduced in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Although designed for gaming, SHIELD devices run regular Android apps as well.

Thin Client Gaming
Using the appropriate NVIDIA graphics card in the PC, NVIDIA's GameStream technology provides a thin client approach for game playing. A video game on the PC is mirrored on the SHIELD, and players use the SHIELD's touchscreen or wireless controller to send user movement to the PC. See thin client.

Big-Screen Viewing
Content running on SHIELD devices can be sent via an HDMI cable to a TV for living room viewing. To deliver the 10-foot user interface experience, the SHIELD Wi-Fi controller can be used to play games and surf the Web on a big screen. See Tegra and 10-foot user interface.

SHIELD Portable and Tablet
While the Tegra 4-based Portable (top) attaches to a 5" screen that renders 720p resolution, the Tegra K1-based 8" Tablet supports HD 1080p video. The Tablet includes a version of NVIDIA's Kepler GPU used in high-end gaming PCs. Both units offer superior sound for a great gaming experience. (Images courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)