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Definition: Rosetta

(1) See RosettaNet and HD-ROSETTA.

(2) An emulator from Apple that ran PowerPC-based applications on Intel-based Macs under OS X when Apple transitioned from Power to Intel CPUs (see Intel Mac). Introduced in 2006 and included with Apple's first Core Duo-based laptops, Rosetta ran all PowerPC applications except those that used specific instructions in G5 processors (see G5). Named after the Rosetta Stone, which inscribed a decree in 196 BC of the Egyptian King Ptolemy V in three languages, the Rosetta emulator was discontinued in the Lion version of Mac OS X.

Rosetta 2 - For ARM-Based Macs
Starting in late 2020, Rosetta 2 added the same emulator functionality to new ARM-based MacBooks as Apple once again began switching hardware platforms (see ARM Mac).