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Definition: RSS

(Really Simple Syndication) A syndication format that was developed by Netscape in 1999 and became very popular for aggregating updates to blogs and news sites. RSS also stood for "Rich Site Summary" and "RDF Site Summary." A source for creating RSS feeds is www.feedforall.com. See syndication format for more on syndication feeds.

RSS Lineage (RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0)
There are two lineages of RSS. RSS 1.0 conforms to the W3C's RDF specification and was released from the RSS-DEV Working Group in 2000 (see RDF). In 1999, Radio Userland's Dave Winer took over Netscape's RSS 0.91, later upgrading it to Versions 0.92 and 0.94 and turning it over to Harvard in 2003 as RSS 2.0. Most newsreaders support both formats.