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Definition: RGB lighting

The latest fashion in tower PCs. Starting in the mid-2010s, RGB lighting adds flair to what has traditionally been a rectangular black box. Red, green and blue LED lights adorn any or all of the internal components, including the power supply, motherboard, RAM, fan and peripherals in order to achieve constant or ever-changing colors. To accommodate RGB lighting, manufacturers offer a variety of tower cases with clear glass panels.

Gamers especially love to add lighting to their custom-built PCs. Although claims of improved performance are rampant, the lights add nothing to the intrinsic performance of any component. See RGB keyboard, RGB RAM and RGB motherboard.

An NZXT Tower Case
Designed with a glass side panel, the raw NXZT H710i case (top) is transformed into a carnival of colors and effects with RGB lighting. (Top image courtesy of NZXT, www.nzxt.com)