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Definition: HDBaseT

A digital interface for consumer electronics that uses Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cables and sockets. Governed by the HDBaseT Alliance and introduced in 2010, HDBaseT was designed to consolidate signals, power and communications in home entertainment systems. Its "5Play feature set" includes Ultra HD video and audio, 100 Mbps Ethernet, USB, power and control signals. HDBaseT cables can extend 100 meters, and up to eight devices can be daisy chained for a combined length of 800 meters.

One Common Cable
A smart TV has power, HDMI and Ethernet ports. With an HDBaseT-equipped TV, a single cable can power the set with up to 100 watts while sending it video from HDMI sources along with video from the home network and the Internet via Ethernet. For longer distances and higher speeds, see HDBaseT-IP. See HDMI, 100Base-T and cable categories.

One Plug and Socket
Using common Ethernet RJ-45 plugs, sockets and cables, HDBaseT delivers video, Internet and power to smart TVs.