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Definition: PMC

(1) See Portable Media Center and programmable metallization cell.

(2) See also PCM.

(3) (PCI Mezzanine Card) A PCI-based mezzanine card that is widely adapted to VMEbus, CompactPCI and PCI cards. Small and compact (74mm x 149mm) and providing 32 or 64-bit data paths, PMC cards enable a large variety of PCI products to be retrofitted to other bus environments. PMC cards use 64-pin connectors. See mezzanine card and PC*MIP.

Data Acquisition PMC Card
This BiSerial-IO card from Dynamic Engineering provides 20 bi-directional RS-485 ports on one PMC card. This design provides independent receive and transmit rates up to 12 MHz. (Image courtesy of Dynamic Engineering, www.dyneng.com)