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Definition: NVMe

(Non-Volatile Memory Express) A standard controller interface for PCIe SSDs in 2.5" drive, PCIe card and M.2 formats. Introduced in 2011 by the NVM Express group (www.nvmexpress.org), NVMe takes advantage of the parallel I/O and low latency in solid state drives (SSDs), which offer speeds more like RAM than with spinning platters.

Stack Up More Commands
One of the salient features in NVMe compared to the traditional SATA interface (see AHCI) is the dramatic increase in the number of commands that can be queued (see NCQ). See SSD and PCI Express.

PCIe SSD Using NVMe on M.2
This 960GB PCIe SSD is contained on an 80x20mm M.2 card.

NVMe - PCIe - M.2
As SSDs became mainstream, a new set of acronyms also became common, witness this user manual from Viking Technology. NVMe interfaces with the SSD controller software; PCIe provides the hardware pathway, and M.2 is the card form factor.