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Definition: Opera browser

A Web browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobiles from Opera Software, Oslo, Norway. Developed at Telenor (Norwegian Telecom) in 1994 and commercialized by Opera in 1995, it is noted for its fast rendering of Web pages. Opera was the first browser to offer a host of unique features such as enlarging text and graphic elements on the page and displaying multiple windows with only one instance of the program running. In 2005, the paid version was made free. In 2013, Opera switched from its Presto architecture to Chromium. See Opera Coast, Chromium and Vivaldi browser.

Opera Android-Desktop Synchronization
The regular Opera browser is available for Android and synchronizes bookmarks from Opera's desktop computer versions. If the network slows down, users can switch to Off-Road mode, which compresses data to speed up downloading.

Opera Mini for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
Opera Mini compresses browser downloads in its servers to lower data transfer usage on the user's data plan.

Opera Max for Android
Like Opera Mini, Opera Max compresses browser downloads but also downloads from many other apps.

Opera on the iPhone
In 2010, Opera Mini was the first third-party browser on the iPhone. One of its features turned a non-mobile website into a columnar format for easier viewing on a small screen.