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Definition: FLAC

(Free Lossless Audio Codec) An open source audio compression method from the Xiph.Org Foundation (www.xiph.org). FLAC is used to compress audio files to at least 50% of their original size (2:1 ratio). Unlike MP3, which provides a 10:1 compression ratio but eliminates content, FLAC files are restored to the original PCM sampling rate before being played, which can be CD quality (44.1/16) or higher (96/24, 192/24, etc.). See Ogg, high-resolution audio and digital media server.

FLAC Support
These earlier McIntosh and Escient high-end media servers held thousands of FLAC files. They had built-in optical drives for ripping CDs to the hard drive. (Equipment courtesy of World Wide Stereo, www.wwstereo.com)