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Definition: Microsoft Office versions

Following is a brief summary of Office versions since its inception in 1989 for the Mac. See Microsoft Office.

   MS #     Version
    17      Microsoft Office 2019
    16      Microsoft Office 2016
    15      Microsoft Office 2013
    14      Microsoft Office 2010
    13      skipped
    12      Microsoft Office 2007
    11      Microsoft Office 2003
    10      Microsoft Office XP
     9      Microsoft Office 2000
     8      Microsoft Office 97
     7      Microsoft Office 95

Office 2019 (Office #17)
Released in 2018 for Windows 10, Windows Server 2019 and macOS Sierra. Office 2019 uses the same user interface style as Office 2016. See Office 2019.

Office 2016 (Office #16)
Released in 2015, files can be created and edited directly from the desktop. See Office 2016.

Office 2013 (Office #15)
Designed for touchscreens and low-power devices. See Office 2013.

Office 365
Subscription-based version of Office with cloud storage. See Office 365.

Office 2010 (Office #14)
Retained the Ribbon interface introduced with Office 2007 and added numerous features along with sharing and social enhancements. See Office 2010.

Office 2007 (Office #12)
A major update to Office featuring a new Ribbon user interface and new file formats. See Office 2007 and Office file formats.

Office 2003 (Office #11)
Support for XML and data collaboration. Office files could be saved as native XML for easier integration with other applications, and Microsoft's SharePoint portal turned Office into a groupware system administered on a Web server.

Office XP (Office #10)
Added document sharing over the Web, a significant document recovery feature and integrated Hotmail service. Introduced in 2001.

Office 2000 (Office #9)
A major upgrade with numerous changes. More integrated with the Web, Office 2000 added collaboration features and support for opening and saving HTML documents, even doubling as an HTML editor.

Earlier Versions
Office 95 (Office #7) was the first 32-bit version of Office, followed by Office 97 (Office #8), which added Internet integration and Outlook. The formats in Excel 97, PowerPoint 97 and Word 97 were changed, but files could be saved in a dual 95/97 format for backward compatibility. Access 97 files were not backward compatible. The last 16-bit versions of Office were Office 4.x.


   Version                CPU
   Office for Mac 2019   Intel
   Office for Mac 2016   Intel
   Office for Mac 2011   Intel
   Office for Mac 2008   Intel & PPC
   Office for Mac 2004   PPC
   Office for Mac 2001   PPC

   Office 98      1998   PPC
   Office 4.2     1994   PPC
   Office 3.0     1992   PPC
   Office         1989   Moto
   PowerPoint     1987   Moto
   Excel          1985   Moto
   Word           1984   Moto

   PPC = PowerPC   Moto = Motorola