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Definition: Oculus Rift

A virtual reality technology from Oculus VR. Invented by Palmer Luckey in 2012 and available for all major desktop and mobile platforms, the company launched one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns to date, receiving $2.4 million for a USD $250,000 goal. In 2014, the company was acquired by Facebook.

Praised by reviewers for its realism, Rift software developers have created VR applications not only for games but for military training, robotic vision as well as physical and psychological therapies, the latter, for example, helping PTSD victims confront battlefield memories.

The Gear VR Is Oculus VR
In 2014, Samsung announced the Oculus-based Gear VR headset, which cabled initially to the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. The Gear VR/Note 4 was the first VR headset/smartphone combo on the market. See Samsung Gear VR and virtual reality.

Oculus Rift and Touch
Using two Oculus Touch controllers, this gamer is immersed in a 3D game on the Rift. (Image courtesy of Oculus VR, LLC, www.oculus.com)

A Very Large Oculus
Meaning "eye" or "circular opening," the Oculus in New York is the transportation hub and multi-level shopping mall for the World Trade Center