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Definition: OPC

(1) (OpenGL Performance Characterization) A project group within SPEC/GPC that manages OpenGL benchmarks. OPC endorses the Viewperf and GLperf benchmarks. Viewperf was created by IBM and OPC provides viewsets for it, which are combinations of tests using specific applications to test OpenGL performance. In 2007, for the first time, the OPC separated the viewsets from the Viewperf benchmark itself for increased efficiency.

PTC's CDRS (CDRS-03) is used for modeling and rendering. IBM's Data Explorer (DX-03) is used for visualization. Intergraph's DesignReview (DRV-04) is used for 3D models. Alias/Wavefront's Advanced Visualizer (AWadvs-01) is used for animation, and Lightscape Technology's Lightscape Visualization System (Light-01) is used for radiosity visualization.

Developed by the OPC, the GLperf benchmark measures low-level OpenGL 2D and 3D graphics primitives. The results are the raw performance of a system rather than the application performance as provided by the Viewperf benchmarks. Viewperf results are in frames per second, and GLperf results are in primitives per second. See GPC.

(2) (OLE for Process Control) A set of connectivity standards for industrial automation from the OPC Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ (www.opcfoundation.org). OPC added extensions to Microsoft's COM and DCOM object technology in order to provide a set of common interfaces for process control. OPC offers interoperability between gauges, databases, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), distributed control systems (DCSs) and remote terminal units (RTUs). See OLE, PLC, DLC and RTU.