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Definition: OID

(1) (Object IDentifier) A permanent number assigned to an object for storage (persistence). It is typically a long integer, such as 128 bits, that can be computed using various methods to create a unique number. It functions in a similar manner to the way a key field in a relational database record uniquely identifies that record in a table. See UUID and GUID.

(2) (Object IDentifier) A temporary number assigned to objects created and used only in memory.

(3) (Object IDentifier) Known as a "MIB object identifier" or "MIB variable" in the SNMP network management protocol, an OID is a number assigned to devices in a network for identification purposes. OID numbering is hierarchical. Using the IETF notation of digits and dots, resembling very long IP addresses, various registries such as ANSI assign high-level numbers to vendors and organizations. They, in turn, append digits to the number to identify individual devices or software processes.